Sunday, 22 February 2015

'Cabin Fever' Crafting....

With Cyclone Marcia hitting the coast of Queensland on Friday morning, lots of the state, Brisbane included, has been hit by some very wild weather. Fortunately for us, and most unlike the poor people in Rockhampton, Yeppoon and surrounding areas, we have personally been fortunate enough to not suffer any damage and only be kept housebound by the torrential downpour. 
As that "ONLY IN QUEENSLAND" advertisement indicates, this is not the first time we Queensland residents have faced wild weather... needless to say, I was well aware that house bound pre-school children, with little to no understanding of wider events, quickly become quite difficult to handle!

Enter crafting... fortunately my kids love it :)

It seemed like the perfect opportunity to break out a little hand sewing kit that Santa gave the kids at Christmas.... Miss F is a very determined individual, so it was no great push to encourage her to have a go. 

I soon discovered that one is never too young to learn to thread a needle... more than once she achieved it with no assistance other than verbal direction. 


As the felt shape had pre-punched holes, she was able to guide the large plastic needle and cord through quite well. Some sections got stitched once, twice and then a third time, but Froggie quickly took shape, became stuffed and had his mouth stitched on. 

Once the stitching was done, we moved onto a little gluing of googly eyes and felt accents.... we ended up finding one of Froggie's nostrils had gone missing, but I think this is a pretty fabulous achievement for a 2 ¾ year old with minimal assistance!

I do believe Santa found these kits at Spotlight, but next time we will create our own and you could too! All you need is a bit of imagination {or google images and a printer}, a bit of felt, a large needle, some fine cord, some stuffing, a pack of googly eyes and some glue... the kids enjoy it, it helps them forget the world outside, begins them on a journey toward learning a useful skill and hones their fine motor skills all in one go!

Stay safe, everyone, and enjoy your next dose of "cabin fever" ;)

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