Thursday, 12 November 2015

One Thimble E-zine {Issue Nine} Blog Tour - Ringmaster Set

hi guys... so the next issue of One Thimble is releasing Friday and the latest Pattern Revolution release blog tour stops here... judging from what I have seen of Issue Nine so far, it is back with all of the electronic gloriousness we've come to know and love to celebrate turning TWO.... so lets take a look...

So the new Ringmaster top and pants, by Tie Dye Diva, landed in my inbox and my little side-kick and I hopped to it! We are so delighted with the finished product.... 

I made the pants up first, so we'll go with that... it is nearly summer here {which is horridly hot and humid in these parts!} which lead me to selected this lovely lightweight chambray. Given Miss F's current toddler-ish shape combined with being a baby giant, picking the right size is a little awkward... the sizing chart is extremely comprehensive and, taking all factors into account, I elected to make her a straight size five {I am currently convinced her legs are sprouting in order to catch up with the rest of her!}...  as you can see, they are a little long. Not to worry, they will just fit a little longer!

They have this delightful little ruffle around the hem and up the front panel of the leg. It is actually wider in the pattern, but Miss F has a habit of chucking ruffled things back at me at the moment, so I did narrow it slightly... voila, she likes them, so win-win! They were very easy to construct, the most time consuming part being the ruffle... be aware when sewing the waistband on that they are flat fronted and you need two elastic threading holes {do-bo here overlooked that part}.

My favourite part of this outfit is definitely the top. It is made up of six panels, has a single button at the back of the neckline and is finished with bias, so is single layer fabric {making it nice and cool for summer}. I really like that it has little bias bound elastic strips at the side of the waist to help given it shape. The pattern actually gives instructions for a little ruffle at the front neckline, but given the afore mentioned ruffle issue, I chose to omit that from our version. 

While I like button plackets, I do not like this method of creating one. The instructions are absolutely fabulous, but try as I might I can't get it to sit as well as I can with other methods - I hope you have more luck {or skill}. That said, I was delighted with the cool tips for hemming a curved hemline... it is so simple it has left me scratching my head as to where my brain has been all these years. 

So I hope you enjoy sewing up your Ringmasters... I look forward to seeing images of your creations in the One Thimble Sewing Enthusiasts and PDF Pattern Sales & Promotion groups on Facebook.

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Happy sewing! and until next time...

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