Thursday, 17 November 2016

One Thimble E-zine {Issue Thirteen} Blog Tour

well, its been a little while, hasn't it?... twelve months it seems!!! Oh how my studies have hindered my sewing and all that goes with it... never mind, I'm back and super-dooper happy about it!

Issue 13 of One Thimble was released last week {insert gasp because it doesn't seem that long ago Issue 1 happened} and I'm here, as part of the Pattern Revolution blog tour...

... and I'm going to tell you all about how much I love the Boo! Designs contribution. The Ultimate Suit is rather aptly named... it's a pair of swimmers, it's a leotard... no wait, it's a fashion item!!

You will come to realise rather quickly, that the affable Miss F and I kind of got stuck in the swimmers mode... it is {nearly} summer here in Australia! Plus, we had a surplus of awesome Boo! panels to use and me on a long overdue sewing rampage...

We did, at least, try out one of the many options available in the pattern. Miss F was particularly fond of the mini skirt addition and chose to pool test this pair of swimmers first. I am extremely pleased to report that it stayed on beautifully for the duration of her swimming lesson.

As usual with all things Boo!, the fit was amazing. I didn't even bother measuring, I have absolute faith in Kristie's sizing consistency... and about half the clothing in Miss F's wardrobe is sewn from her patterns, so I know what size she's in.

As you can see, butt coverage is on point...

... and it fits nicely under the arms, without cutting in.

The pattern tutorial itself is beautifully put together. The instructions are concise, the illustrations are exceptionally clear and the pattern pieces fit together perfectly {it's so annoying when they don't... grrr!}. I really just don't have anything to pick on. They are extremely fast to make {a hot tip here, they are great for that last minute birthday gift for the party you forgot about in a hour's time!}.

If you're interested in checking out what the other wonderful ladies on the blog tour have to say about the other patterns and contents of Issue 13, please click on the links in the schedule below.

12 November: Tales of a Tester / Little Cumquat / Call Ajaire
13 November: Happy Okapi / Sunflower Seams Stitches by Laura
14 November:  Made by Sara / Candice Ayala / Filles a Maman
15 November: House of Estrela / Snickerdoodle Stew / Swoodson Says
16 November: The Lady and the Gents / Lulu & Celeste / Pear Berry Lane
17 November: Finn’s Door / Blue Wren Handmade / Once Upon a Sewing Machine / Just Add Fabric

I look forward to seeing lots of photos of your creations around the interwebs traps in the coming weeks and months!


PS. I'll just leave you with this thought from the affable Miss F... "it's super coooool yeeeahh"

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