Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Simple Life Pattern Co + Sew Caroline Blog Tour

Hello! Hello! Welcome to the Blue Wren Handmade stop of the Simple Life Pattern Co + Sew Caroline collaboration blog train....

Simple Life Pattern Co is a children's designer and Sew Caroline a ladies designer. They have teamed up to bring a collection of Simple Life Pattern Co designs in ladies' sizes and Sew Caroline designs in girl's sizes. 

Many of you will be familiar with the girl's version of the Ayda Dress, as it was one of the earliest designs to hit the Simple Life Pattern Co virtual shelves a couple of years ago. I was given the opportunity to sew up the ladies Ayda Dress. 
I am actually very happy with the final result!! .... HOWEVER, I cannot lie, it wasn't the simplest road to get there! This is a beautiful design, but I absolutely cannot emphasise enough the requirement to make a muslin. I made three, then still made adjustments to the final version. After chatting with some of the other bloggers, many of whom had no issues, I am quite sure this is a result of my being tall and needing to make the bodice {and skirt} longer to fit my body. Really, this is not an unusual process, given women are particularly different in shape from one another... but you can see from the cobbled together coloured pieces of paper attached to the original pattern how significantly I needed to change the pattern pieces to make it fit me. Hence... MAKE A MUSLIN! 

With this said, I do think it is important to note that there are not actually any instructions on what to do to achieve these adjustments, so you will be solely reliant upon your own sewing experience and knowledge gained from previous projects for yourself. 

Once fit issues were sorted, it was actually really a very quick sew. Spending the time to iron out fit has made for a pattern I am likely to come back to and use again. The instructions for cutting and construction are very good and easily followed. They are accompanied by a series of line drawings to illustrate and clarify instructions. There are body measurements in both metric and imperial to make size selection easy. There are also a number of photographs of finished garments for inspiration. 

As a slip on, this really is a style that can easily be worn casually during the day. The full circle skirt {the option I selected} really adds a level of glamour that makes it more than suitable for evening wear... even more so if a more glitzy fabric were to be used! The capacity to simply make it as a peplum top further widens the appeal of the pattern. I chose to style a smart casual look, with heels and an elastic belt.... not quite the season for it here though, I was freezing in about 5 degrees Celsius for these photos!!

Please do make time for the Ayda, I think you'll be really pleased with your result!!

If you are interested in taking a look at the other patterns that Simple Life Pattern Co and Sew Caroline worked with, please stop by the other sites of the other bloggers involved in the tour: 

"See" you again soon!

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